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5 advantages that make OS X 10.8 roar

The latest version of Apple’s OS X – 10.8 or “Mountain Lion” – has been roaring for almost 10 months and until recently, there wasn’t a ‘new’ OS to compare it with. Now that Windows 8 is out, businesses have the ability to compare these two new and different platforms, and businesses are increasingly starting

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Navigate your Mac with the keyboard

Tab, Tab, Shift-Tab. Hotel receptionists and Airline ticket agents know this combination of keys intimately; it’s how they navigate the reservation and property management systems in front of them. Watch them for a few minutes and you will notice they hardly use the mouse at all, mainly because it takes time to lift their hand

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Apple releases a big kitty into the wild

In the animal kingdom, all cats share the same family, Felidae. Since these animals share similar characteristics, they are recognizable as felines. It may be for this reason that Apple has taken to applying code names from the Felidae family to different versions of their popular operating system, OS X. Whatever the reason, the latest

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Mountain Lion roars for free

Free stuff is always good, but it’s even better when it improves things that you already own. Apple – a company widely known to be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum – has released a new version of OS X – Mountain Lion. While the majority of users will have to purchase it

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Time for businesses to switch to Apple?

When it comes to choosing a computer platform for a business, many small business owners immediately choose PCs, without even looking at Apple’s offerings. PCs have long been accepted as being the standard in business environments, and one can argue that PC’s are “better” for general business use, but these things are quickly changing. For

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5 OS X tips and tricks for employees

Any user of Mac OS X will often extol how easy the OS is to use, and how many great features there are that users of other operating systems are missing out on. While this is true, when a user moves over to OS X they often find that the OS has a bit of

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Ready or not, here comes another OS X

In 2011, Apple released OS X 10.7 “Lion” and businesses leapt at the chance to upgrade to a feature packed OS. Now, not much more than a year later, another version of OS X, Mountain Lion, is on the way. A collective groan could almost be heard from small businesses who use Macs when it

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An Apple Consultant Is Closer Than You Think!

The Apple Consultants Network (ACN) is comprised of independent professional service providers and technology consulting firms that are certified in Apple products, technologies, and solutions. And Providence is the only ACN member within the Greater Lansing Area! Most IT departments and consulting businesses are PC-only, and are unprepared for the challenge of supporting Apple devices.

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