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How to Protect Your Business from a Fake Microsoft Teams Invitation Featured
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How to Protect Your Business from a Fake Microsoft Teams Invitation

What is the problem? Some hackers are sending fake group chat requests on Microsoft Teams, a popular online platform for communication and collaboration. They pretend to be someone from your team or domain and ask you to join a chat. If you accept, they will trick you into downloading a file that looks like a

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Use templates to produce consistent documents

As a small business owner you are probably always looking for ways to improve efficiency, whether you’re dealing with customer inquiries or developing reports. Here is a handy way to use the template feature within Microsoft’s ubiquitous word processing software, Word, to increase efficiency, consistency, and even save a little time while you’re at it.

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Yay or Nay? Put a survey in your email

Microsoft 365, the cloud version of Microsoft’s popular office suite, has some great features that help small business owners boost their communication effectiveness. This is especially true for Outlook. One useful feature is the ability to conduct polls via email. Want to know what day of the week is best to have a meeting? Add

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Office 365 offers some great benefits

To stay competitive a company needs to be able to adapt to and change with their business environment. This includes updating computer systems to stay at least somewhat current. Updating systems can be expensive, so many companies are turning to cloud solutions to be able to do more with what they currently have. Microsoft’s Office

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