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Tech Tip Tuesday – Summer Heats Up…

Some important things to remember as Summer Heats up… Do not leave your electronics in a hot car or exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices do not deal well with high temperatures. Batteries and other components inside the device can leak and

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#QuarantineReady – Work from Home Tool Kit

Unexpected changes can be challenging to manage. If you are finding the transition into social distancing and remote work hard to navigate, we’ve collected some resources and tools that you may find useful during these times. As always, you can call upon our team to start #makingtecheasy for YOU. Remote Toolkit Resources: • LinkedIn Learning

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MC3 Cyber Situational Awareness Message (SAM) – Phishing incident targeting payroll

[img src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/1097/2018/03/blog-img-mc3-cyber-situational.jpg” class=”aligncenter”] Overview: The Michigan Cyber Command Center (MC3) is aware of multiple incidents in which phishing campaigns were used to obtain user account credentials. Once this information was obtained, malicious actors accessed employee payroll accounts and rerouted payments to another financial account. In one of the more recent incidents, hospital employees were targeted.

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Equifax – what we must do now!

The September 7th 2017 announcement of the Equifax data breach is a wakeup call that should be heeded not just by those whose data may have been stolen, but by ALL Technology Users worldwide. This attack was predicted, but only in the general sense, like the predictions that California will suffer a massive earthquake sometime in the future. 

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Electronic Business Cards and Outlook

Email “signatures” are a great place to list your contact information but there is a better way for you to share this vital info with your business partners. The problem comes in when a user is trying to transfer this info from an email signature into their address book. To do so they have to

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Turn off Flash in your Browser on Android

The big difference between Android and the iOS is the fact that, on an Android device, you can play Flash videos. There are times however when this seeming advantage can be a disadvantage as Flash (such as Flash ads) can slow down your browsing experience or even crash your browser. There is a solution. You

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Hide Windows Desktop Gadgets Quickly

If you are using Windows Gadgets (or those small mini-applications that are embedded on your desktop that show interesting things like the latest news, weather updates, or sports scores), you may sometimes wish you can just quickly hide them to declutter your workspace. In Windows 7, you can do just that. Simply right-click on the

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Use Your Android Phone Like a USB Key

If you own an Android phone, you can use it as a substitute for an external drive or a USB key. You can load files into your phone simply by plugging it in to a PC with a USB cable, then tapping on “Mount” when you are prompted by the system. This mounts the internal

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Converting Currencies Using Google

Want to do a quick currency conversion? You can use Google for that. Simply type in the amount in the original currency, then the currency you want to convert it to. For example, type in: “100 dollars in yen” or “100 dollars in Mexican Pesos” and check out the results. If you have a mobile

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Set Switch Preference to Orientation Lock or Mute on Your iPad

If you use an iPad, there is a switch conveniently located at the right side of the device which you can set to either lock the orientation of the screen or to mute the audio when you slide the switch—depending on your preference. To set your preference, go to Settings > General, and under the

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