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Battery saving tips for MacBooks

When you’re on a business trip, an Apple laptop is the best companion to have. The reason is not just because of its stellar performance, but because it lasts longer on battery than many other laptops on the market. However, the latest release of OS X Mavericks, with hardware and software upgrades, offers a more

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Formatting hard drives on Mac

Apple devices and computers continue to gain traction and users in the business world, but many users are finding that getting different systems to work together is harder than it really should be. A common sticking point is trying to get both Mac and Windows to read and write files to external hard drives or

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Apple Support gets a facelift

If you’ve ever used Apple’s support site to try to find a solution to a problem you’re having with one of their products, you know that the site is not always that straightforward. As a result, Apple has recently made some big changes by introducing a new site with more user-friendly support. A new kind

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Lost a product key for your Mac? Try this tip

Most business owners have to keep track of a mind boggling number of computer software product keys. Serial numbers, product keys and registration numbers come in a variety of different forms, such as email messages, printed on the CD/DVD case or on the product box, etc. This information is easy to misplace, and usually seems

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OS X Mavericks ready to rip it up

June has become one of the biggest and most important months in tech. One of the reasons for this is Apple’s yearly developers conference where new tech and software are announced. This year saw a number of interesting product updates including OS X, which although not the biggest announcement of the show, is pretty important.

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