Why Providence?

We take care of technology so you can focus on your business

Introducing Providence


Everything you need to be successful

If you manage a business and are searching for simpler, less expensive ways to operate, you are not alone. Many small business owners believe that technology alone is the answer. But the skills needed to properly leverage technology and the resources required to maintain it at peak performance become obstacles to achieving maximum ROI.

Providence Consulting helps organizations like yours overcome this technology value gap. Our service-oriented technology professionals create innovative and effective IT solutions that keep your business running smoothly, increase your productivity, and reduce your costs. By outsourcing your IT management to the experts at Providence Consulting, you protect your business from unreliable systems, wasted resources, and damaging cyberattacks.


With Providence Consulting handling your IT, you’ll:

Never go without IT support for long

— we’re here for you night and day

Save on the best products

— we only partner with the very best in IT manufacturers

Maximize efficiency

— we will teach you how to do more with your IT for less

Benefit from proactive IT solutions

— we address problems before they affect your business

Our Core Values

There’s no mystery to providing world-class IT services with integrity, we just stick to the BASICS. These values form the foundation on which we conduct ourselves, and we keep them in mind with every service we perform.
We make sure to be friendly, caring, empathetic, and engaged with customers and co-workers alike.
In our goal to fully deliver what the client requires, we make sure to begin with the end in mind and finish everything we have started on time and within budget.
We make ourselves accountable for issues that arise in your IT infrastructure. Thus, we own them and work hard to solve them.
We encourage the exploration of new ideas, look for ways to improve, and embrace change.
We understand the value of frequent, open, and honest communication. We also make sure that we are using the right method for delivering messages.
We strive to do the right thing all the time. We believe in “service to others before self” — to the customers, the community, and the company.

Our Story

Providence Consulting was founded in 2003 with a mission to help organizations in Michigan transform their business by making technology easier. Over the years, we’ve helped small and medium-sized business owners from every industry overcome their IT challenges, giving them peace of mind and enabling them to concentrate on their core business goals.
Providence Consulting partners with you to help you reach your business goals. We value long-term relationships with our clients, and will work closely with your business to ensure that you always have the resources you need to be successful.
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