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#QuarantineReady – Work from Home Tool Kit

Unexpected changes can be challenging to manage. If you are finding the transition into social distancing and remote work hard to navigate, we’ve collected some resources and tools that you may find useful during these times. As always, you can call upon our team to start #makingtecheasy for YOU. Remote Toolkit Resources: • LinkedIn Learning

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Confessions of an IT Consultant

[img src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/1097/2018/11/img-blog-confessions-of-an-it-consultant.jpg” class=”aligncenter”] Scott grabbed the corner booth at his favorite Lansing eating and meeting place. While waiting for his friend and mentor, Jim, to arrive, he read through the email that had collected in his inbox since he left the office the night before. Jim’s voice suddenly interrupted. “Why the long face?” “Oh, hi

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New design upgrades to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 apps like PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel will be getting upgrades over the next few months. Microsoft expects these new features to boost productivity and overall efficiency of business users. Here’s what they have planned. Simplified ribbon The biggest update is with the ribbon, which is a command bar at the top of

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Three ways to get devices talking

There are a wealth of technical devices out there to chose from, so many that it can be a chore to figure out which platform makes the most sense for your organization. You must take into account whether a new system or device will work with an established system, how you are going to access

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5 great file compression programs

Do you need to share large files on a regular basis? Tired of struggling with attaching files to email and running afoul of attachment size limits? Several options exist to shrink the size of your files, using programs that compress the information in them. File compression, or zipping, is the process of combining computer files

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