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5 types of virtualization defined

For many businesses, managing and maintaining their entire hardware and software infrastructure can be a daunting and prohibitively expensive task. But with the inception of virtualization, this is no longer an issue. Virtualization allows businesses to maximize the use of their IT resources at a reduced cost – this is why it has become so

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Virtualization questions to consider

We’ve seen first hand just how beneficial office virtualization can be for small and medium-sized businesses. Of course the process isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers, or saying presto, and having a smooth running, virtualized office appear. It is a long process and you will have to answer a lot of questions. Here are

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4 types of virtualization defined

Virtualization is the moving of physical computer systems to a virtual environment, which is usually located off-site, and connected to your location via the Internet. There are many benefits to virtualization, including lower costs and extended lifespan of your technology investment, which has made it a popular option with small to medium sized businesses. If

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7 common virtualization terms

A conversation about technology can get a little confusing, especially when the acronyms and tech jargon starts to fly. The introduction of virtualization added a whole new layer of terms to the IT dictionary, and to a lot of head scratching for the layman. To help you translate IT-geek speak, here are seven commonly used

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5 virtualization benefits for companies

You simply can’t get much accomplished in business today without computers. Most workers use some type of software or online resource as a daily part of their job. Where this gets problematic is the fact that computer and server hardware is constantly evolving, and keeping the systems up-to-date is costly. This is why an idea

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