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Formatting hard drives on Mac

Apple devices and computers continue to gain traction and users in the business world, but many users are finding that getting different systems to work together is harder than it really should be. A common sticking point is trying to get both Mac and Windows to read and write files to external hard drives or

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Five great VoIP features

Use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems has become more widespread in recent years, but there are many more businesses still using older phone systems. If you are one of these companies, and are curious about VoIP, you may be interested to learn about the benefits VoIP can provide. Here are five features

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Docracy helps track Terms of Service

The Internet has seeped into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It’s hard not to be connected these days. Think about the number of websites you have accounts with, and the services that they all provide. In return, all of these sites now have some form of personal information of yours. The question is,

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VoIP comes to Facebook Messenger

One of today’s most popular and arguably most important websites is Facebook. The social media service has almost single-handedly transformed the way we communicate, and how we use the Internet. One of the more popular one to one ways to communicate over Facebook is through the use of the Messenger mobile app. Up until now,

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SIP Trunking. Should my company use it?

Have you ever taken a sales call with a local number, only to find out the sales person isn’t from the local area? The technology that makes this possible is usually a digital network like Voice over Internet Protocol, or “VoIP.” With a little extra technology and some know-how, VoIP can allow businesses to use

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Webinars explained. Part one

Seminars and presentations are a great way to share your knowledge and experience with peers and customers. The major problem with them is that people have to travel to attend them, limiting the number of attendees and the strength of your message. To reach a bigger audience, turn to technology and conduct a webinar. Webinars

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