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Having problems making virtualization work for you?

Do you have issues with enabling virtualization on your computer? Although this technology is known to be easy to implement and is supported by most modern computers, sometimes it still malfunctions. Hopefully, these tips can fix the issues. #1 Enable Virtualization in Your BIOS In most cases, virtualization won’t work because it’s disabled in your

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Take screenshots on Win 7 and 8

To the vast majority of business and individual users Microsoft’s Windows is the backbone of their computing experience. With a wide variety of functions and features, users can do almost anything on their computer. However, many of us still use only a few features on a daily basis, with features like taking screenshots being rarely

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New security threat to Vista

The widespread use of Microsoft’s Windows operating system means that the software is a frequent target for hackers. One of the latest attacks focus on Windows Vista, the Lync messaging system, and older versions of Office, including versions 2003-2010. If attacks are successful, hackers gain the same access privileges as the user and are essentially

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5 questions to ask about Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1, the newest version of the Windows operating system, can be downloaded for free by current Win8 users and brings along some useful new features. While most home users should be able to upgrade without a problem, businesses may run into a few issues and should plan carefully before upgrading. If your business is

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SkyDrive and Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud-based storage solution will see some updates with next week’s newest version of Windows, Windows 8.1. These updates are intended to make cloud storage solutions more relevant and useful for both general and business users. Microsoft has said that there will be deep integration between the updated operating system and SkyDrive. Here’s an

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RIP XP – April 8, 2014. Are you ready?

April 8, 2014. If your business is still running Windows XP you need to mark this date, and circle it several times with a big red pen. That’s the date Microsoft is pulling support for XP, which means potentially increased security risks, no further help from Microsoft, and ultimately the possibility of increased IT costs.

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New features of Windows 8.1

When Microsoft released Windows 8 in October of 2012, the company stated that they would move to a yearly update schedule. The first of these updates – Windows 8.1 – has recently been announced. If you have used previous versions of Windows, say XP or Windows 7, you may be familiar with Service Packs which

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