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Android device protection

Android is the most popular operating system in mobile technology, with millions of users worldwide. This also means that there are a great number of potential threats facing Android users. Protect your phone or tablet from lurking dangers and outright attacks by reading our guide. Protecting your Android device from digital risks and theft should

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Safeguarding your Android device

You don’t need advanced technological know-how to provide the best protection for your Android tablet. Our guide shows some simple ways you can safeguard your device from digital and physical threats. All it takes is a simple tweak with your device settings and downloading the right protection software and you should be secure. Protecting your

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Android in 2014

In 2013, mobile devices were once again the top tech gadget, largely due to Android. With many new high-end devices, two versions of Android, and new Google Nexus devices, it was a solid year for the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Now, all eyes are turning to 2014 and whether it will be an

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3 note apps for your Android tablet

‘Note to self: Check with Internet provider about updating connection speed.’ How many times have you found yourself making mental notes like these, only to forget them by the time you’ve arrived at the office? It helps to write these reminders and notes down. If you have an Android tablet, why not write the note

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App lets Android tablets ditch the cable

Digital technology has advanced at an astounding pace; we now have powerful computers that we can hold in our hands. Despite this, it’s kind of a shame to realize that we still rely on cords to charge devices and transfer data. But if you have an Android tablet, there’s an app that lets you send

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Backup your Android tablet or lose info

If you have an Android tablet, it’s probably safe to say you use it on a regular basis, maybe even as a part of your business. As tablets are becoming more powerful and cheaper, more and more businesses are integrating them into daily operations. Will tablets go so far as to do away with the

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Apps make Office play nice on tablets

When the Android OS was first introduced, it had a lot of catching up to do and faced some seriously stiff competition in the smartphone market. Fast forward a few years and it’s now the most popular OS, due at least in part to the availability of some truly excellent tablets. Many businesses and organizations

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