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Better server virtualization – 5 tips!

Technology advances so quickly that computer systems purchased five years ago are now pretty much obsolete, which usually means that if you want to upgrade one thing you have to upgrade everything. This gets expensive, so many businesses turn to virtualization for cost savings and to extend the lives of their systems. One of the

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5 questions to ask your cloud provider

Tech trends come and go, and are continuously evolving. What was bleeding edge five to 10 years ago is now used by nearly everyone, everyday, such as cloud technology. Many companies are migrating important systems to the cloud, and 2013 will likely see a continued increase in businesses using cloud services. If your company is

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Server virtualization and your company

If Internet adoption was the major tech concept of the late 90s and early 2000s, the next big tech idea is virtualization – taking physical systems and digitizing them. Will this lead to a bubble and subsequent meltdown comparable to the tech-bubble of the early 2000s? It’s hard to predict, but what can be said

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What is Virtualization? Is it worth it?

The adoption of computers by small businesses gave them the opportunity and platform to expand their business beyond local boundaries. Arguably, it’s the small business that drives economies around the world. To succeed in industries often dominated by a small number of large corporate conglomerates, small businesses need to capitalize upon every opportunity to increase

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Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Last weekend, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula was struck by a late winter storm with wet, heavy snow and high winds. According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, more than 200,000 residents and businesses were left without power. Today the snows have melted away and it looks like Spring outside, but this is a great opportunity to consider

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Virtual Desktops Can Save You Time and Money

Find out what Desktop Virtualization is all about and how it can save your business time and money by simplifying client computer management. Read on to find out more. There is growing interest in Desktop Virtualization with its promise of improved manageability, security and efficiency for the business. Simply put, Desktop Virtualization is new technology

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