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5 tips to find customers on LinkedIn

Social media services give businesses unprecedented ability to connect with their current customers. If used wisely, social media can also help you find new ones. LinkedIn is a social network that is largely aimed at connecting professionals with their colleagues, but it can also be a valuable tool to help you find potential customers. While

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3 steps to learn more about new hires

Social media seems to be taking over the planet. Almost every person and organization with an Internet connection has a presence on at least one social media site. While most companies use social media for marketing and connecting with customers, it can also be used to learn more about potential hires. Here are three steps

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Five common mistakes made on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for grownups and professionals who would like to connect with like-minded colleagues on a social network. Many companies and professionals use it to find information, post jobs, and generally fortify their professional online reputation. The only problem is, many professionals aren’t utilizing all LinkedIn has to offer. Below are five

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Overview of five popular social networks

In the early days of social networking it was easy to pick which network to be on, and could be even easier to dismiss social media as a passing fad. Fast forward to the present day, and there seems to be a social network for nearly everything. Despite the growing number of networks, five really

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LinkedIn is More Than It Appears

For businesses, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used to connect your businesses with the general public. But through a unique social networking platform called LinkedIn, you have access to a symposium or conference of sorts, where you can connect with fellow professionals and businesses. Among the many social networks on the World

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