3 steps to learn more about new hires

SocialMedia_Feb12_CSocial media seems to be taking over the planet. Almost every person and organization with an Internet connection has a presence on at least one social media site. While most companies use social media for marketing and connecting with customers, it can also be used to learn more about potential hires.

Here are three steps you can employ to learn a bit more about potential hires before they come in for an interview.

1. Google them
While Googling yourself might be a bit vain, putting the name of a potential hire into Google Search is smart. You can search their name along with specific queries that can help you narrow down information. One tactic is to enter the name with double quotes around it, along with the city they are based in. This will help you find their presence on related social media sites. You can also try using their area code or zip code to narrow down the search.

The point of this is to help you find more information about the person without having to search on individual social media sites. This will also return results like photo albums, recent account activity, and maybe even some hobbies and interest groups. Searching on Google or other search engines is a good way to see if the prospective employee is legitimate.

2. Take a look on Facebook
Almost everyone and their dog are on Facebook, so don’t forget to search for them on this popular service. The new Graph Search should make searching a lot easier. Enter the person’s name, along with some specific interests or information from the resume, and the chances of finding this person’s profile go up.

While some might argue the ethics of doing this, you may see information or posts that counter information that is presented in the resume, or that paint a clearer picture of the applicant. For example, you can ask them about their family when they come in for an interview. It could prove to be a great ice breaker.

3. LinkedIn
Most social media sites focus on the social aspect of people’s lives, but LinkedIn focuses on career and professional areas. Searching for the candidate on LinkedIn can often shed more light on their history, and may even showcase common links between you and them. If you notice that the candidate worked for or with a previous employee or other associate, you could contact that person to see if they have any insights about the candidate.

Researching your future hires is a good idea because it can help you learn more about them than you might otherwise do from just an interview. It also gives you a better understanding of whether they would be a good fit for your company. If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage social media in your company, please contact us today.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.

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