Office 365 offers some great benefits

To stay competitive a company needs to be able to adapt to and change with their business environment. This includes updating computer systems to stay at least somewhat current. Updating systems can be expensive, so many companies are turning to cloud solutions to be able to do more with what they currently have. Microsoft’s Office 365 is one such solution and there are many positive benefits that go along with adopting it.

Here are four main benefits to using a cloud-based office suite like Office 365.

Prevent save disasters. It’s easy to do. Almost everyone has gotten caught up in their work and forgotten to save their document, only to have the program or computer crash and their document lost. By using Office 365, changes are automatically saved and synced with the cloud, so if something does happen, you’re less likely to lose any of your work.

Access from more devices. As Office 365 is browser based, you can access it on a tablet or smartphone. This means you don’t have to be on your computer to access and edit documents. If you give lots of presentations and have a tablet with a data connection, you just might be able to ditch the laptop all together.

Eliminate forgotten documents. It can be embarrassing to show up to an important meeting only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential document back at the office. With Office 365, if this happens, you can simply log in and retrieve the document.

More storage. With computers, there’s generally a fixed amount of storage available, and when it’s used up, you have to free up space by deleting old files. This can be a problem, especially if you have to keep files and information due to legal requirements. Office 365 plans are flexible to allow your company as much storage as you need.

These are just four of the benefits to using Office 365 in your business. If you’re looking to move your office suite into the cloud, or would like to learn more about Office 365, please contact us.

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