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Office 365 Saves You From Business Cards

One business tool that’s been slow to keep up with technology is the business card. If you were to look around your office there’s a high probability you have an abundance of them. A problem starts to arise when we get too many, it becomes easy to lose an important card. Users of Microsoft Office

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Office 365 Price Drops, More Competitive

One of the most useful business tools, no matter what industry you operate in, is the office suite. While there are a wide variety of choices available, the market is dominated by Microsoft Office. In the past year Microsoft has turned its eye from producing office software for the desktop to producing office solutions based

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Microsoft Office 365 now FREE for Students, Faculty and Staff!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time on our blog crowing about the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, but we just had to share this news. Effective as of March 2012, Microsoft is now offering Office 365 for FREE to students, school faculty, and staff members! Offered as the Microsoft “A2” plan, the free service

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Why Bet on Office 365?

Cloud-based services such as Microsoft’s Office 365 are becoming popular with many small businesses due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness. And with its recent update, users are promised more compatibility with several platforms, as well as smoother communication and ease of use. For many businesses nowadays, working while on the go is a necessity.

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