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How to maximize IT savings – part 1

Making money may not be the primary motivation behind the beginning of every business, but staying in profit is important for every business’s longevity. A company’s ability to maximize profits is top of mind for many business owners, but when it comes to maximizing IT related functions, managers are often at a loss. To help,

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SBS retires. Is there a successor?

One piece of technology found in nearly every business is the server. A server allows employees to communicate effectively, access data, or fulfill their roles more easily. In small to medium organizations, one of the more popular servers in recent years was Microsoft’s Small Business Server, or SBS. Despite its popularity, SBS has recently been

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Better decisions due to analytics

How often have you found yourself at a crossroads, faced with a major decision, but with no idea which option made the best choice? Business people are faced with big decisions on a nearly constant basis. Many successful companies employ a process known as business analytics (BA) to help them with their decisions. If your

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Print better with managed print services

“Is my printer meeting my needs?” This is a question few, if any, small business owners will ask themselves when thinking about ways to change their company’s infrastructure to meet their needs. While at first glance it may not seem like printers demand much attention, they do make up a significant part of your infrastructure

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Time to aid unhealthy employees

You might expect to be sore after a hard day’s work at a construction site. But office workers who sit in front of a computer all day commonly have “aches and pains” complaints, too. Who would have thought that sitting in a chair can cause debilitating issues that might ultimately mean your employees miss work?

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5 reasons why business tech is better

Choosing what technology to buy for your business can be one of the toughest decisions you make. While it is a necessary investment, constant change and upgrades can make your purchase seem obsolete mere months after you buy. Further complicating the issue, almost every manufacturer makes models for home use that are marketed right next

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Together: Harder/Better/Faster/Stronger

Collaboration is all around us. We see it on a daily basis in both our personal and professional lives. At work we cooperate with colleagues, managers, suppliers, customers and almost everyone we come in contact with at the office. It’s become so important that if businesses have employees who don’t mesh, their chances of success

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Providence is Your Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

Academic institutions can qualify for special volume licensing discounts for Microsoft products, including the Windows operating system, Office products, and more. Some retailers and college bookstores can sell individual copies, but organizations can only attain volume licensing through an approved Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, or AER. Scott Zingery is our point-man on volume licensing, and

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Working with an MSP? Here are Some Tips

Usually due to budget and manpower constraints, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) often need to outsource a few aspects of their operations – and partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one example. Just as in any other partnership, and especially since IT management is a relatively long-term deal, it’s important that you establish

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