Providence is Your Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

Academic institutions can qualify for special volume licensing discounts for Microsoft products, including the Windows operating system, Office products, and more. Some retailers and college bookstores can sell individual copies, but organizations can only attain volume licensing through an approved Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, or AER. Scott Zingery is our point-man on volume licensing, and he recently renewed his certification to continue Providence’s status as an AER.

What does this mean for you? If you work in a primary, secondary, or higher education institution, we have the tools and resources to recommend and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective Microsoft licensing solution for your organization. Many schools are not aware of this licensing opportunity or are not enrolled in the optimal program. For example, we recently worked with a client in the post-secondary education industry who realized a savings of more than $25,000!

Contact Scott Zingery at our office today to find out if your organization could be saving money on its software licensing. Scott can also tell you about programs to further simplify your school’s software management with single subscription services, easy compliance, customized solutions, and low administration time.

Jeff Dettloff is the President and Chief Problem Solver for Providence Consulting, Lansing’s leading provider of advanced computer services and innovative technology solutions.

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