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4 steps to securing IP

An issue many businesses face is how to keep their important files, ideas, products and information secure from prying eyes. Many small businesses would like to ensure that their intellectual property is secure, but have only a vague idea as to how to go about doing so, or about who actually owns what. Here are

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4 tips for better customer service

Great customer service is what keeps your customers happy and keeps them coming back. But how and where customer service happens has changed, and businesses today find that much more customer service activity is taking place online. Here are four ways to ensure that your company offers the best customer service – online and off.

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The key to viral content

Web content that “goes viral” can help increase a business’s name recognition and brand value while spreading a marketing message. It may seem that getting content to go viral is a case of being in the right place at the right time, but there are actually some tactics you can use to make your content

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Manage your online reputation – 5 tips!

With social media, it can seem like the Internet is a massive popularity race. Both companies and individuals take great strides to carefully build a brand and reputation that represents them well. Unfortunately, there comes a time for any business when they have to deal with a complaint. There are many warning stories of companies

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4 apps that help you go green

Most companies today takes steps to ‘do their part’ in protecting our environment, and try to do what they can to conserve, recycle or give back. Any steps taken to reduce a company’s environmental impact can be seen as good in the eyes of stakeholders. The problem is, it can be hard to figure out

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5 ways to reduce IT spending

Most small to medium businesses operate on razor-thin margins, keeping management on the lookout for ways to minimize costs and maximize the bottom line. While there are many ways to cut costs, making some changes to your technology could be one area to investigate. Today’s tech isn’t cheap, but there is always a way to

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6 ways to reduce printer costs

Small to medium businesses are highly susceptible to increasing operational costs. In some cases, small price increases for essential items can be enough to force a company out of business. That’s why savvy business owners are always on the search for ways to cut costs. One often overlooked cost-saving tactic is to reduce the costs

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Tips on improving IT revenue. Part 3

Last week we posted part two of our three part article on how to maximize your IT savings and resources. Part two covered ways you can maximize resources inside your business by switching to VoIP, investing in the cloud, and working with an MSP. Part three takes a look at things you can do to

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