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Windows 10 tools for backing up files

Ransomware attacks are in the news again. Thankfully, business owners are becoming more aware of the damaging effects of malicious software. Companies now realize that without safe and reliable data backup, important business information can fall into the wrong hands or be lost forever. Good thing Windows 10 offers easy-to-use tools like File History and

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Clean your desktop to optimize your PC

Have your computers slowed down? As a business owner, you rely on your PC to get work done and keep productivity up. But a cluttered desktop can lead to lagging systems. Here are simple fixes to get you back on track. 1. Before you begin, do a bit of recon Before you go about deleting

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Keeping files secure with Windows 10

Ransomware brings a world of trouble to any business. From operational disruption and revenue loss to total shutdown, no company is spared. That is why it’s wise to regularly back up your business data in multiple locations, including the cloud. Which is where Windows 10’s backup and restore tools come in handy. File History Is

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Take screenshots on Win 7 and 8

To the vast majority of business and individual users Microsoft’s Windows is the backbone of their computing experience. With a wide variety of functions and features, users can do almost anything on their computer. However, many of us still use only a few features on a daily basis, with features like taking screenshots being rarely

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How to change the function of the power button

Once a computer is switched on, the machine’s power button is pretty much forgotten until the next morning, when it’s time to turn it on again. Most Windows PC users aren’t aware that the power button can be configured to take one of four different actions. The available actions are very similar to what we

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Tech specs for the Surface Pro

Most of us see Microsoft as a software company, achieving success through their Windows OS and Office suites. But over the past couple of years, the company has started to focus on hardware and devices. It started with the XBox and Windows phone, and now Microsoft has a new tablet – the Surface Pro. Will

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Going phishing? Windows 8 says no

Ahh, phishing. We’re not talking about the get up early, sit in a boat in the hot sun all day kind; we mean the more harmful, social engineering kind. While this isn’t new, it’s a big issue, and one of which many users are well aware. We dread finding ourselves to be victims of a

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