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Google Now, now on the iPad

Sometimes it seems that Apple and Google don’t really want to play nice – or at least some hardcore fans would have you think as much. The truth is, many Apple users rely on Google’s products for email, storage and search, and have installed the Google Search app on their iPad or iPhone and use

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Keyboard shortcuts for the iPad

The iPad has more or less established itself as the most popular tablet, even within the business world. A common reason for this is because it allows business users to be more productive by taking the office with them when they leave. However, a downside of the iPad, and indeed most tablets, is the keyboard,

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Better iPad typing with apps

Almost every modern tech gadget, regardless of the manufacturer, now focuses on “light programs” or what is more commonly referred to as “apps.” There is an app for what seems like every possible task these days, and they really have helped usher in an era of enhanced productivity. If you have an iPad, you have

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Manage multiple clouds on your iPad

More and more business owners and managers are discovering that the iPad fits well into their day-to-day operations, mainly because of the wealth of apps that have been developed. One app that offers great potential for business users is “Documents” from Readdle. Documents acts as a central platform that connects with cloud storage providers like

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Who else wants iPad productivity apps?

Tablets are really starting to come into their own. This is true even for business users, as tablets are great for those who need to take their business on the road but don’t want to be tied down to bulky laptops. The one tablet that’s proved to be the catalyst for this movement is the

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The modern POS = iPad with apps

One of the most common trends in relation to the changing of money between small businesses and customers is mobilization. Many systems like the point of sale system are being mobilized in an effort to allow small businesses to do business where they chose. An app for the Apple iPad is allowing just this. The

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Hot doc? Print it directly from iPad

One of the biggest trends of the past few years is the rise of the tablet as a replacement for the personal computer, largely due to the success of the Apple iPad. The tablet has proven itself more than a fad, and is actually becoming an incredibly useful business tool. To extend its usefulness, Apple

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Set Switch Preference to Orientation Lock or Mute on Your iPad

If you use an iPad, there is a switch conveniently located at the right side of the device which you can set to either lock the orientation of the screen or to mute the audio when you slide the switch—depending on your preference. To set your preference, go to Settings > General, and under the

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iPads in the Office

Citing numbers released by Apple recently, it has been reported that nearly 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies in the US report deploying or testing the iPad . Many large companies are clearly looking at the iPad as something not just for leisure or entertainment but also for business. Are you considering doing the same? Read on to find out how you can put the iPad to work for your business. The iPad for many is a revolutionary device in that it brings the full power and experience of computing into a form that is easy to hold, easy to transport, and easy to use. Manufactured by Apple, the device uses the same operating system as its earlier iPod Touch and iPhone devices. And just like its smaller brethren it does away with conventional input devices like the mouse or keyboard, instead requiring just the user’s fingers to touch, navigate, and interact with the operating system and installed applications. Key to the success of the device has been the availability of thousands of applications from third-party software vendors – in fact, nearly a hundred thousand of them . These applications range in categories from entertainment, media, education, and even productivity and business. Using these productivity and business applications for the iPad, you can effectively use these devices in the workplace. Here are some specific work scenarios in which you may want to consider the iPad in your business operations: For presentations. Because of its portability, the iPad makes a great device for showing and sharing presentations. Applications like Apple’s Keynote allow you to import and edit PowerPoint presentations. Accessories allow you to connect the device to a monitor or projector. If you’re thinking of doing virtual presentations, there are iPad apps that allow you to do that as well — letting you stream your presentation via the Internet. For Communication and Collaboration. The iPad has built-in applications for emailing, plus more can be added to support audio and even video conferencing. If you want to manage meetings, the iPad’s built-in calendar and address book apps make it a great replacement for a planner, while its larger screen makes it easier to read and manage than your cellphone or smartphone. It has built-in support for third-party mail and calendar applications like Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, and Calendar. You can also download and use additional applications to help you manage your tasks, monitor projects, share files, post and read stuff in your social networks, and much more. For field assignments. The iPad’s light weight and portability make it a great companion while out on the road. You can install and configure VPN clients to securely connect to your office network when in the field, or use any of the business applications you use in the office — especially cloud-based ones. Again, using the built-in productivity tools you can use the iPad to manage your itinerary while on assignment. For travel. As a travel companion the iPad is unmatched, with a wide breadth of apps for managing flight and hotel booking information, expenses, and more. Use the built-in tools to manage your travel itinerary, and use the communication and collaboration tools to check on progress at the office. During lulls, breaks, or after office hours, easily shift modes and use the iPad as a media viewer or news reader for information and entertainment. Industry-specific apps. There are dozens more business cases in which the iPad can be put to work. For example, as a store or point-of-sale display, or even a point-of-sale device. Companies are using it to replace manuals, and schools are using it to replace stacks of books. There are many more ways the iPad can be used for business. Are you considering using it for your business as well? Do you know of other uses? Let us know!

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