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4 common data backup mistakes

From customer information to important emails and billing databases, the data in your company is vital. Here are four common mistakes that businesses make when backing up and protecting their data. 1. Not backing up data at all It may seem like common sense that you should back up your data. However, a 2011 study

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6 tips for an effective BCP

A Business Continuity Plan or “BCP” is the strategy and action of preparing your business for disaster and ensuring that important business functions are still available during a crisis. While these contingency plans are vital and are being adopted in increasing numbers, many businesses still struggle to create a strategy that will actually work effectively.

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Here are 5 disaster recovery tips

The last thing a business owner or manager wants to think about is a disaster that could cause their company to go bankrupt. While there are many things you can do to minimize the potential fallout from a disaster, the most important step is to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that covers more than

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