Electronic Business Cards and Outlook

Email “signatures” are a great place to list your contact information but there is a better way for you to share this vital info with your business partners. The problem comes in when a user is trying to transfer this info from an email signature into their address book. To do so they have to create a new contact and then cut and paste each piece of information individually into the correct space or box.

To make this task easier, Outlook offers an electronic business card feature that makes sharing your info quick and painless. And the neat thing is that all the receiver has to do is open up the attachment, and hit save. Business card shared.

  • Step 1: From within Outlook, click on the Insert tab on the “ribbon”
  • Step 2: Click on “Business Card” – see below
  • Step 3: Select the business card you would like to attach.
  • Step 4: Outlook automatically attaches the business card and also places a copy into the body of the email message. If you don’t want the business card to be a part of the actual email message you can delete it and leave just the attachment.

As an added bonus, when sharing this information from your Outlook profile you can easily add things like your LinkedIn account, business Facebook page, twitter account, and blogs, all items that would take too much space and clutter up an email signature.

Jeff Dettloff is the President and Chief Problem Solver for Providence Consulting, Lansing’s leading provider of advanced computer services and innovative technology solutions.

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