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Hackers Now Prefer Small Companies

Statistics are showing that small and medium-sized businesses are being targeted by hackers on an escalating scale. The reason for this is smaller businesses tend to have lax and weak security, making them much easier and quicker to steal from. In physics, there’s a concept called ‘the path of least resistance’. The meaning is plain

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Why Move Up to Windows 7 and 2008 R2?

It’s common for many businesses to forgo upgrading their systems when new software comes along – it’s not only expensive, but why change something that’s been serviceable and reliable so far? However, considering that studies and tests are showing that Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 are significantly outperforming their predecessors, it may be time

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Conduct Yourself Properly Online

If you are thinking about posting those wild pictures from the office booze cruise—you may want to think twice. In today’s increasingly hyper-connected world, you never know how long those images will be online, who can see them, and where they may end up. It therefore becomes increasingly important to be smart about exactly what

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Tips for Tracking and Remembering Your Passwords

Remembering all of your online passwords can be a difficult task. It’s just too hard to track all of the online accounts we have, especially as more and more specialized services become popular yet need secure access. Read on to learn about tools that may be able to help. A few months ago, news and

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Office 365: Productivity Any Time, Anywhere

Microsoft is offering a new cloud-based service, Microsoft 365, which allows users to use and enjoy Microsoft products without the hassle of looking after maintenance and updates. It also is ideal for people on the go, as Microsoft has announced that it can be accessed from almost anywhere and from almost any device. Small businesses

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Facing IT Consumerization

When new IT is released in the consumer market first, gains widespread popularity, and is then adapted by businesses for business use, it’s called IT consumerization. While many see the pros of this practice, few see the cons – and in business, it’s important to know both sides and understand not only how it will

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The Cloud in Your Future: To Be, or Not to Be?

More than half of small business owners today remain unconvinced by or are completely dismissing the concept of cloud computing, according to a recent survey. While the cloud may not work for everyone, it does have several concrete benefits that some companies may be better off with – so maybe it’s best to give the

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Scammers Now Pose as Microsoft Reps

When someone who identifies him/herself as a representative from Microsoft calls you out of the blue, be wary. A new scam involves people posing as Microsoft employees and scaring victims into paying for bogus service and giving up credit information, by telling them that their system has been infected by a virus or that it’s

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