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Enable two-step authentication on iCloud

Apple’s iCloud has been met, by Apple users at least, with great enthusiasm. This important cloud storage solution has many great strengths. However, one common issue, pointed out by many business users, is that it doesn’t feel secure. In an effort to beef up the security of iCloud, Apple has recently introduced two-step authentication. What

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Formatting hard drives on Mac

Apple devices and computers continue to gain traction and users in the business world, but many users are finding that getting different systems to work together is harder than it really should be. A common sticking point is trying to get both Mac and Windows to read and write files to external hard drives or

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OS X Mavericks ready to rip it up

June has become one of the biggest and most important months in tech. One of the reasons for this is Apple’s yearly developers conference where new tech and software are announced. This year saw a number of interesting product updates including OS X, which although not the biggest announcement of the show, is pretty important.

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