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Put an end to annoying notifications on your Mac

Have you ever cursed your computer for inundating you with annoying notifications? Alerts about calendar events, new emails, and app updates are supposed to be helpful, but seeing too many may hurt your productivity. Thankfully, Mac users have a swift and simple tool to get everything under control. Managing alerts within Notification Center You can

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Mountain Lion roars for free

Free stuff is always good, but it’s even better when it improves things that you already own. Apple – a company widely known to be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum – has released a new version of OS X – Mountain Lion. While the majority of users will have to purchase it

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Ready or not, here comes another OS X

In 2011, Apple released OS X 10.7 “Lion” and businesses leapt at the chance to upgrade to a feature packed OS. Now, not much more than a year later, another version of OS X, Mountain Lion, is on the way. A collective groan could almost be heard from small businesses who use Macs when it

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