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The Power of Planning and Execution

When Joe arrived at his office that afternoon things were in chaos! He had noticed during his lunch meeting that he hadn’t received any new E-mail messages on his smart phone in over an hour. He thought this was odd, but the moment he set foot through the door, he knew why. A single emergency

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Making Technology Easier

At Providence, our mission is to Make Technology Easier. We take this mission to heart as a part of our corporate culture, and we strive to ensure that it guides every decision that we make and action that we take. This starts with the recognition that The Customer is the most important part of our

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State of Michigan CIO: State Seeks Partnerships with Michigan IT Firms

The State of Michigan’s Chief Information Officer, David Behen, outlined a plan this week for moving the State forward with the help of Michigan IT firms. Behen spoke Thursday at a Capital Area IT Council (CAITC) membership meeting held at the west campus of Lansing Community College. The CAITC is an organization including industry, education,

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Scared Twitless!

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Myspace, Squidoo, Orkut, Slashdot,, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon… The list goes on, and on, and on. What is this alphabet soup you ask? It’s just a small sampling of the hundreds of websites that fall under the loose definition of the “social Web,” sometimes referred to as Web 2.0 or

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Patch Before You Click

Cyber-security analysts predict that 2011 will mark a shift in online crime away from malware and stolen credit card information into a new stage of cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. Identity theft has already become one of the most prevalent crimes of the 21st century. While low-tech methods for obtaining private information, such as stealing wallets or

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