Making Technology Easier

At Providence, our mission is to Make Technology Easier. We take this mission to heart as a part of our corporate culture, and we strive to ensure that it guides every decision that we make and action that we take.

This starts with the recognition that The Customer is the most important part of our business. As Information Technology (IT) Consultants, it is our job to take an interest in what our customers are doing and what their goals are. We can then find ways to take a burden off their shoulders, help them achieve their goals, and make their job easier.

Now You See It

Ask a Providence customer how we make this happen and you will get a lot of great answers. One is that we make sure that you know the best way to reach us when you need help. Our help desk support staff is available at any time to answer questions and respond to concerns, via phone, email, or our online customer portal.

When something does go wrong, we acknowledge your request for help as soon as possible and provide a realistic timeframe in which you can expect a response. We have found that a little extra effort and friendly communication can go a long way.

This includes follow up, too! Whether your needs are great or small, you can be sure that your Providence representative will keep in touch to make sure that the solution we delivered is performing as promised.

We realize that today’s computer systems are complex and that “geek-speak” isn’t a language that everyone understands. Because of this, we take great care to provide clear recommendations and deliver processes and procedures that are easy to understand and follow.

No IT technician knows how to do everything, and as much as we don’t like to admit it, sometimes we’re not the right person for the job. If one of our team members can’t find the right solution for your needs, we will help you find the person who can.

Now You Don’t

What our customers might not be aware of is the work that we do in the background to keep their business running efficiently. At the center of this is TechCare.

We take great pride in our TechCare system. TechCare is a suite of sophisticated technology and management processes that provides us insight into your computer systems, networks, and data backups so that you don’t have to worry about them. We constantly check that your systems are optimized for their best performance, and proactively take care of little problems before they become big problems. Plus, if there is a problem, we usually know about it before you do, meaning that you don’t even have to take time away from your work to inform us.

Probably the most important thing that happens behind the scenes is software patching and updates. Cyber criminals are constantly attempting to install malicious code into software programs that everyone uses, like Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Java, and Flash players, in order to steal confidential information or take control of their target’s computer systems.

Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, and all of our business partners release important updates and software changes nearly every day. Due to these constant, ever-evolving, and complex changes, effectively managing your IT resources means a commitment to ongoing training and learning. We work hard to keep on top of these new developments in order to provide the most up-to-date service, and TechCare takes the hassle out of keeping your systems patched and updated by allowing us to remotely manage your software.

All of this adds up to computer systems and networks that are more secure. For you, it means one less thing on your plate, less worry, and ultimately, peace of mind.

And it allows you to say the words that are music to our ears:

“Thank you for Making Technology Easier!”

Jeff Dettloff is the President and Chief Problem Solver for Providence Consulting, Lansing’s leading provider of advanced computer services and innovative technology solutions.

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