Top reasons to record your business calls

Voice over Internet Protocol’s (VoIP) call recording feature has been around for a while now. However, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that don’t prioritize customer interaction are underutilizing it. When used properly, call recording can strengthen your company’s reputation and boost customer satisfaction. #1. Improve customer service One of the most important reasons why businesses […]

Empower your business with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 isn’t just a new name for the tech giant’s old product Office 365. The new software comes with chock-full of tools that will empower employees, protect data, and provide business leaders with comprehensive oversight and control. Check out its features below. Name change Microsoft has time and again shown that they are willing […]

How MSPs are helping businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19

IT services are more critical than ever before, proving their value in the face of a health crisis and the abrupt shift to remote working. Here are some ways managed IT services providers (MSPs) are helping small companies leverage technology to support their remote teams and go about business as usual. Providing infrastructure and service […]

FOCUS on TECH – You live in an insecure environment

FOCUS on TECH - You live in an insecure environment

What does the CyberSpace Solarium Commission have to do with your daily work environment?

On June 2, 2020 the CyberSpace Solarium Commission released a white paper on "Cybersecurity Lessons from the Pandemic". Jeff Dettloff does a great job translating what this means for YOU in your daily life.

Is Windows 10 blocking the latest update on your PC?

May 2020 Update, the newest iteration of Windows 10, has been released to the public. However, some systems were found to be having some issues with the latest version, prompting Microsoft to block its installation on some devices. If your PCs are affected, here’s what you need to do. Known issues The update block is […]

Reboot your Computer!

“Did you turn it off and on again?," quips a tech from the show 'The IT Crowd' as one of their recurring punch-lines.

That’s a question that gets asked a lot by IT professionals, so much so that the concept gets joked about, not only regarding computers, but in other areas of life as well.

New Android malware detected!

If you have an Android device, be careful! An exceptionally dangerous Android malware known as DEFENSOR ID is currently making the rounds in the Google Play Store. The malware exploits the Accessibility Services in an Android device to evade detection by traditional security measures. This threat can put your data and business in jeopardy, so […]