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Brave New Mobile World, Part I

Jeff Dettloff, Providence’s President and Chief Problem Solver, also serves as the 2011-2012 President for the Capital Area IT Council (CAITC). Jeff recently moderated a CAITC panel discussion on mobility and the connected workforce at this fall’s Greater Lansing Business Showcase. For the next few weeks we will be sharing the knowledge we gained from

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Beware of Email Phishing Attacks During the Holidays

As we begin the holiday season, we expect an upswing in the number of phishing attacks. Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an email message. We encourage you to be especially aware of email messages from what

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Scary Internet Stuff

“This cyber threat represents one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.” Howard Schmidt made this statement in December of 2009, shortly after he was appointed to the newly created position of White House Cybersecurity Coordinator. He was speaking about the advanced persistent threat against our critical information

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The Power of Planning and Execution

When Joe arrived at his office that afternoon things were in chaos! He had noticed during his lunch meeting that he hadn’t received any new E-mail messages on his smart phone in over an hour. He thought this was odd, but the moment he set foot through the door, he knew why. A single emergency

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Making Technology Easier

At Providence, our mission is to Make Technology Easier. We take this mission to heart as a part of our corporate culture, and we strive to ensure that it guides every decision that we make and action that we take. This starts with the recognition that The Customer is the most important part of our

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7 Steps to Successful Technology Planning for Your Business

The annual budgeting process can be a time consuming, frustrating, and thankless task that very often gets pushed aside for more urgent responsibilities. Let’s face it – budgeting can be difficult – especially if you want to prepare an itemized budget rather than just pull together numbers based on last-year’s spending patterns. Preparing a realistic

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7 ½ Ways to STOP Wasting Money on Technology

If you are searching for simpler, less expensive ways to operate a small business, you are not alone. New, high tech tools and gadgets promise greater productivity, but many small business owners become disillusioned when that promise is never quite fulfilled. I think most of us have figured out that all the advancements made in

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Doing More with Less

Without a doubt, one persistent question on the minds of countless business managers this year has been: How can we do more with less? Many of us are experiencing less money in our budgets as a result of fewer customers, which has resulted in less workers on our payroll, and for many, less hope that

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Patch Before You Click

Cyber-security analysts predict that 2011 will mark a shift in online crime away from malware and stolen credit card information into a new stage of cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. Identity theft has already become one of the most prevalent crimes of the 21st century. While low-tech methods for obtaining private information, such as stealing wallets or

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