FOCUS on TECH – Focus on Teams

FOCUS on TECH – Focus on Teams

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FOCUS on TECH – Focus on Teams

Recent studies have shown that many organization’s short-term strategies of having people work from home have been effective at both:

  • Keeping People Safe
  • Maintaining the ability for people to get their work done.

  • Technology, specifically video conferencing, has played a significant role in these efforts.
    Across all platforms (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams) we’ve seen astonishing progress and feature enhancements as a result of these last 4 months. Zoom has been a very popular platform from the get-go. They had A LOT of security issues – but they’ve since fixed all that stuff.

    A common theme is that all platforms have figured out how to give more control to meeting holders over who joins and how many people can join. The controls have also gotten more intuitive and easier to use. Microsoft Teams has announced some really cool new features and seems to be pushing the hardest out of all the platforms to enable useful features.

    For example: Together Mode.

    Together Mode, according to copious amounts of research, makes it easier and more intuitive to communicate. It does this by putting everyone in the meeting into the same visual space. This makes participants feel more like they are all together and it is easier for us to keep track of each other and stay engaged. Even if you have a small meeting, you will be able to capture the feel of meeting together in a coffee shop, or some other intimate meeting place.

    Across the board, Teams simply has a lot more features with regards to:

  • Collaboration
  • Chatting/IM funcionalities
  • Integrating with other programs, etc

  • We highly recommend it!

    If picking out the right platform to work together while staying physically apart has felt overwhelming, or if you have the sneaking suspicion that maybe the video collaboration platform you’re currently using just isn’t holding up to the additional workload, we’ve found that most organizations we work alongside need help with:

  • How to utilize this new technology
  • How to adapt your processes to it
  • How to get the right work done

  • We’ve seen both internally and externally that adapting your processes to fully leverage the power of these new platforms often creates unexpected capabilities and efficiencies. Learn more today! Schedule a complementary consultation with Jeff by clicking below.

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    You can watch the full “FOCUS on BUSINESS” episode here.

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