Problem updating iPad apps?

iPad_July15_CThe iPad is a reliable device with a user-friendly interface, but there are times when you might run across problems with it. One common issue is apps that stop downloading mid-way through an update, or just simply don’t update.

If you encounter this issue here are six things you can try in order to get the app downloading again.

1. Tap on the app
Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to close the download window and find the app on your device. Tap on it as if to open it. This could force the iPad to recognize that the files have not finished downloading and force iTunes to resume or restart the download.

2. Check iTunes for other pending apps
If re-opening the app doesn’t work, try opening iTunes and tapping on the Downloads tab. Take a look to see if you are downloading other apps, movies, songs, etc. Larger items will usually take priority over apps, sometimes even pausing the app download. You can get around this by deleting any pending apps and downloads (make a note of what they are first so you can re-download them later). This should move the app you want updated up the list so it starts to download.

3. Restart the iPad
The iPad, while a robust machine, does crash from time-to-time, especially if it is an older device that has been used heavily. Try pressing and holding the power button until you get the option to turn the device off. Then, wait about 30 seconds and turn it on again. This should clear up any issues from a crash, and may re-start the download.

4. Check your Internet connection
A common issue that is often overlooked when trying to download an app or update is to check your iPad Internet connectivity. Try opening Safari or another browser and navigating to a web page. Or, try looking at the top of the iPad for the Wi-Fi symbol, or data connection symbol. This should be in the top-left corner. If you are usually connected to Wi-Fi and don’t see the symbol, check your router, or open Settings, select Wi-Fi and tap on the network you usually use. Once you are connected the download should start within a few minutes.

5. Check how much storage space you have
Sometimes a download will stop because your iPad doesn’t have enough free storage space. You should see a message telling you that there isn’t enough space, and that the download will be paused. If you delete unnecessary or unwanted files and apps the download should resume immediately after the iPad senses there is enough room. If you are unsure how much storage space you have left open Settings and tap on General. Look under the Available section. The number shown indicates how much space is available.

Apps often take up slightly more space than is stated on iTunes, so be sure to leave a little extra room.
6. Reset all settings
Finally, if your app is still not downloading or has paused updating, try resetting all the device’s settings. This will not wipe your iPad’s memory, but will reset all changes you have made to settings. To do this, go to your iPad’s settings and tap on General. Scroll down to Reset, select Reset All and accept the prompt telling you your settings will be reset.

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