Providence 2012 – Year in Review

2012 fireworksThe last year brought its share of triumphs and challenges for Providence, and we wanted to take a moment to remember some of the important changes that occurred.

The company added several outstanding employees to our staff of IT professionals. Markief Eddins joined us at the tail end of 2011 as a Level 3 Tech. His breadth of experience and deep knowledge of IT infrastructure and server and network systems filled a much needed role, and enabled greater overall efficiency by allowing other members of the senior staff to shift their focus and concentrate on other critical tasks.

Anthony Latunski joined the team in January as our new Business Development Manager, and has very quickly made himself an indispensable part of the team, as well as become a familiar face to most of our clients. His successful efforts have boosted nearly every facet of our business, and provided a greater level of communication with our clients.

Tim Johnson is at once one of our oldest and newest employees. Tim worked with Providence from 2007 until late in 2011, when he left to pursue another opportunity. We gladly welcomed him back to the team in November, where his skills and experience as a Level 3 Tech are helping to guide the company into next year.

Providence moved our headquarters in April, after a long search for the right location. While we loved being located in downtown Lansing, the move to Lansing’s west side has provided many benefits. We’re still working out the final details for the remodeling of the space that will be our future offices, but we’re happy in the cozy temporary space that we now call home. Best of all, being able to park right outside the front door means no long walks to the office in the rain, snow, or stifling heat, and no more feeding parking meters when our colleagues or clients come to visit. And since we’re located right off the freeway, our techs can be on location in many of our clients’ offices in mere minutes.

2012 will forever live in our memories as the year we lost Scott Zingery. Scott had been with Providence since nearly the beginning, and he shared work and life with Jeff, Tim, and Rick going back even before Providence was founded by Jeff in 2004. We’re still struggling to fill the gap that his absence has left in the company, and in our hearts. Please remember Scott and his family in your thoughts and prayers as you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.

We can’t forget the most important part of our business – You! Our clients are the reason we are here, and we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in years to come. Things are looking bright for 2013, and we expect to have great news to share with you in the coming months.

Thank you once again for the relationship we have with you and for allowing us to be your trusted IT professionals. We hope you enjoy the holidays and wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


Jeff Dettloff

Jeff Dettloff is the President and Chief Problem Solver for Providence Consulting, Lansing’s leading provider of advanced computer services and innovative technology solutions.

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