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Data backup solutions for your business

Any business owner worth their salt knows the value of data to business. This is why it’s bizarre that many business owners don’t have a proper data backup strategy in place. Organizations of all sizes need to take a proactive approach to backing up their data, and there are several solutions they can implement to

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Moving files from Android to PC or Mac

Maybe you ran out of phone memory so you need to transfer files from your mobile to your hard drive, or maybe you need a bigger screen to work on something and your computer provides that, or maybe you just really like reading how-to articles. Whatever brought you to this page, here’s how to transfer

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Backup Android Files to PC or Mac

From important work contacts to your favorite holiday photos in Cabo, it’s hard to imagine losing files on your Android phone. In the event of your device getting stolen, lost, or damaged, it’s better to be prepared and make sure that your most precious data is backed up. Here’s a guide on how you can

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Prevent Malware by Disabling AutoRun

USB thumb drives – along with other portable storage devices – are an easy way to share files between users. However, if you haven’t disabled the AutoRun feature, you also run the risk of letting certain viruses and malware penetrate your system much easier. One of the most common entry points of malware and viruses

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