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Back up your mobile devices now

Smartphones have become so advanced that there’s virtually no business task they can’t handle. Now everyone uses mobile devices to access work documents and, naturally, hackers got the memo. There are thousands of threats targeted towards mobile devices, so you’d be well served backing up the files in your mobile device, now. Malware on mobile

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Google Pixel: An iPhone competitor

Although Google released its first high-end smartphone later than Apple and Samsung, its mobile devices have consistently been top performers. The latest version of its Pixel phones are out and there’s a lot to like for business users. Models and pricing The Pixel 3 comes in two models, each with two price points depending on

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Is your Android call and SMS data safe?

It’s normal for mobile phones to store users’ call and text logs. Android users, however, might be surprised to know that Facebook has been collecting their call history and SMS data for years. Should you be worried? How Facebook’s data-collecting activities were discovered Software developer Dylan McKay realized Facebook had been collecting his call records

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Google adds phishing defenses for Android

Although hackers are known for unleashing a host of malware to infiltrate critical networks and devices, phishing emails are their most effective attack method. This scam preys on the trust of computer users with seemingly innocuous emails that request for login credentials or prompt a file download. Unlike other attacks, phishing requires only a convincing

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Reasons to back up your mobile devices

It makes a lot of sense for electronics firms to pack a variety of functions into mobile devices and expand their usefulness. Instead of confining their use to communications, companies such as Apple, Samsung, and others have turned mobile phones into mini-computers that can serve as a substitute for your laptop, or as a storage

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5 mobile security questions to answer

With the use of mobile devices becoming more widespread, hackers have started to target the devices, largely because they can be fairly easy to hack. If you use a mobile device for work, you should take steps to secure it from both external and internal threats. Here are five questions to ask to properly protect

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Android security flaw uncovered

It is easy to assume that a properly functioning mobile phone or tablet device is secure, and most of the time it should be. But we can also assume that hackers are always testing for security flaws in these products. One of the latest discoveries has to do with the Android operating system. Mobile security

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