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How to connect an external monitor to your Mac

Remote work arrangements have become the new norm for many employees. If you’ve been working from home using your Apple desktop or laptop without a second monitor, here’s some good news: you have several options for external monitors — including your TV. First, check what displays your Mac device supports by doing the following: Click

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Put an end to annoying notifications on your Mac

Have you ever cursed your computer for inundating you with annoying notifications? Alerts about calendar events, new emails, and app updates are supposed to be helpful, but seeing too many may hurt your productivity. Thankfully, Mac users have a swift and simple tool to get everything under control. Managing alerts within Notification Center You can

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Chromebooks: new home for Android apps

Windows and Apple apps available on laptops and Macs, respectively, are more than enough to keep their devoted users happy. But wouldn’t it be great if Android apps, which are most popular for mobile devices, could be used with laptops? 2017 could be the year Android becomes a staple in laptops when Chromebooks, Google Chrome

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Looking for new tech? What kind to get?

The end of the year is historically a great time to take advantage of low prices and purchase new technology, especially when you consider that tech items can depreciate in value quickly. There are so many different devices available that it can be overwhelming trying to make the right choice. Below we share a list

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