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Confessions of an IT Consultant

[img src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/1097/2018/11/img-blog-confessions-of-an-it-consultant.jpg” class=”aligncenter”] Scott grabbed the corner booth at his favorite Lansing eating and meeting place. While waiting for his friend and mentor, Jim, to arrive, he read through the email that had collected in his inbox since he left the office the night before. Jim’s voice suddenly interrupted. “Why the long face?” “Oh, hi

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7 Steps to Successful Technology Planning for Your Business

The annual budgeting process can be a time consuming, frustrating, and thankless task that very often gets pushed aside for more urgent responsibilities. Let’s face it – budgeting can be difficult – especially if you want to prepare an itemized budget rather than just pull together numbers based on last-year’s spending patterns. Preparing a realistic

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7 ½ Ways to STOP Wasting Money on Technology

If you are searching for simpler, less expensive ways to operate a small business, you are not alone. New, high tech tools and gadgets promise greater productivity, but many small business owners become disillusioned when that promise is never quite fulfilled. I think most of us have figured out that all the advancements made in

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