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Download iOS 10.1 right now and here’s why

If you want to make sure that your iPhone reliably works the way it should and that all the information in it is secure, you should always pay special attention to updates as soon as they become available. Although you may be hesitant to immediately download the latest iOS 10.1 update, you should get to

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Keep your Dropbox secure

The next time you visit, you may be asked to create a new password. Why? Back in 2012 the cloud storage firm was hacked, and while it thought only email addresses had been stolen, new evidence has come to light that user passwords were compromised, too. So if you’ve been using Dropbox since that

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Three new ways malware infects systems

There are many ways which malware can be introduced to computer systems, even those protected by anti-virus scanners or other security measures. Here are three developing security issues you should be aware of: 1. Attacking remote users Traditionally, business was  carried out in a physical office. This meant that companies only had to protect internal

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