Guarding Against Ghosts in the Machine: How to Spot and Stop Typosquatting Threats

img featured how to spot and stop typosquatting threats

Typosquatting is a big problem in cybersecurity. It’s when bad guys purchase domain names with misspellings of popular web destinations, and create fake websites that look very similar to real ones, hoping you’ll make a small mistake when typing a web address. Some examples are “”, “”, “”, “”. These examples show how typosquatters can exploit very easy-to-make mistakes. Their fake websites aim to steal personal information, distribute malware, or simply generate revenue through ads.

What’s Happening:
  • This trick isn’t new, but it’s getting more sophisticated. Criminals are getting better at making these fake sites look real.
  • They’ve been seen using these tricks in various ways, such as pretending to be well-known brands, offering fake jobs, or even pretending to be part of big events like Mardi Gras.
  • They’re also getting creative, like using special characters that look like regular letters to make their fake sites even harder to spot.
  • Recently, they’ve targeted people looking to book hotels, creating fake booking pages to steal credit card information.
How They’re Doing It:
  • They use small mistakes in web addresses, like a misspelled word or an extra hyphen, to create these fake sites.
  • They’re also using social media and fake donation sites for disasters to lure people in.
What We Can Do About It:
  • Use services that help protect against visiting these fake sites.
  • Use security tools that check the websites we visit and the links we click on.
  • Educate everyone in the organization about these tricks with disciplined cybersecurity awareness training so they can avoid them.

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