FOCUS on TECH – 1-2-3 Work From Anywhere!

FOCUS on TECH – 1-2-3 Work From Anywhere!

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FOCUS on TECH – 1-2-3 Work From Anywhere!

Working from home is here to stay

So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to set your team up for long-term success?

You can follow these three actionable steps now to enable your team to work from anywhere – indefinitely.
1) Get your data in the cloud! If you are setup in such a way that you need to be in an office and have all of your people physically gathered around your technology in order to get your work done: You. Are. Doing. It. Wrong.
Getting your data into the cloud is non-negotiable in today’s business environment. In some cases this won’t be easy, in fact, in many cases this isn’t easy because the data you need to move to the cloud is spread out across disparate systems and sometimes geographically as well. From a planning perspective: developing a plan to move in that direction is absolutley necessary to enable your team to get their work done.

2) Is your Team set up with the right devices so that they can work from anywhere? This generally requires some sort of laptop and/or tablet device alongside an external monitor so that they aren’t stuck staring at a tiny screen. Sometimes 1 or 2 extra monitors, a docking station, an external keyboard, and a portable mouse are in order. The goal is to equip your people so that they can be productive. In the future, perhaps they will need to be able to work efficiently from both the office AND their home. Taking the right steps now will make it easy when this time comes so that your aren’t scrambling to sufficiently equip BOTH places. The goal: all they need to do is move their laptop from place to place.

3) Verbal Communications – if you are in an environment where you are paying for dial tone – you are using old school technology that NEEDS to be upgraded. Tying your voice communications ability to a physical place is no longer teneble long-term. You need to move into an environment where your voice communications can come through the cloud. That way it can come through a traditionally styled physical phone, or a computer, or a mobile phone – whatever your team will have access to at any given time. This gives you much needed FLEXIBILITY. Communicate anywhere using one number; so that you aren’t being tied down to a desk or specific physical location.

These plans to enable your team in the above ways need to be made now because we are in this for the long haul.

In short:

• Move your data to the cloud
• Get your employees proper equipment – wherever you need that equipment to be
• Upgrade your Voice communications to a system that can reach you and your team wherever you are.

If you already feel behind you can have access to your own 1-2-3 Work Anywhere plan! Schedule a complementary consultation with Jeff by clicking below.

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