FOCUS on TECH – Zero Touch Curbside Service

FOCUS on TECH – Zero Touch Curbside Service

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FOCUS on TECH – Zero Touch Curbside Service

With COVID19 on the rise throughout most of the US, we can all agree that a business leader’s top priority should be protecting the health and safety of both their employees and anyone who has to physically visit their business.

Many organizations, especially those that service the public-at-large offer some type of a “Curbside Service” in order to keep people apart. Many other, especially smaller organizations, haven’t figured out how to do this yet either because of technology or process.

It’s important as COVID keeps growing that we all think about how to develop processes that will allow some type of contactless interaction between your visitors and your employees.

If you don’t have something like this in place already what you see happening in your organization is:

  • A visitor will show up randomly.
  • You have to follow your COVID protocols (taking their temperature, ensuring they have a mask, anything else required for your specific situation).
  • This puts one of your frontline workers in direct contact with someone from off the street.

  • A better way to do this would be to have designated locations within your business where all interactions occur (a vestibule, table set up for drop off/pick-ups/etc).

    An even better way would be to…

    …offer some type of a website booking program so that a visitor can schedule a time that is convenient for them. When they come to your office, they’ll have clear directions on what to do and what protocols to follow. Someone will be inside the building waiting for them because they are expecting this visitor at that specific time. They can have entirely electronic interactions with the visitor instead of a direct, physical interaction.

    This is something that you could easily do today. There are tools and techniques within Microsoft 365 that allows for you to create your own Zero Touch Curbside Service. It is both a technology and work process. We can help you do that. If you can use help figuring this out for your organization, we are offing a complementary 30 minute Zero Touch Automation consultation with Jeff. Schedule yours today!
    Schedule a CallOne of the ways that we are doing our part is by raising awareness through the Defeat The Breach Coalition.

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