FOCUS on TECH – The Cyber Pandemic

FOCUS on TECH – The Cyber Pandemic

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The Cyber Pandemic

We are facing an enemy that’s unseen…


not taken seriously…

…who has the means to unleash itself with devastating impact on our daily life.

These Cyber Attacks constitute nothing less than a digital Pandemic.

WE are the ones being attacked. As business leaders, WE need to understand the urgency of this risk and take appropriate action alongside putting proper funding in place to protect ourselves. If we all do the right thing, then we’re all going to be safer.

This enemy is not going away because they are finding success. Right now, as a business community, we are losing this battle. We are being picked off one by one. But we can stop that by doing our part!

Do Your Part!

One of the ways that we are doing our part is by raising awareness through the Defeat The Breach Coalition.

Join us!

Australian Prime Minister’s Announcement of Cyber Attack.

Focus on Tech is part of the Focus on Business TV show. The segment shared above features Jeff Dettloff. Focus on Business is presented by WLNS Channel 6 and is created in partnership with Inverve Marketing, Inc and the Small Business Association of Michigan.

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