Focus on Tech – 340,000 Michiganders effected by unemployment fraud?

Focus on Tech – 340,000 Michiganders effected by unemployment fraud?

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What do you do if you’ve experienced Unemployment Insurance Fraud?

On Friday, June 5th 2020 the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity revealed an estimated 340,000 Michiganders have had their accounts flagged as the state investigates possible fraud throughout its system. The story was carried on MLive, LSJ, Free Press, etc. This is a massive problem!

Out of the 340K accounts flagged for possible fraud, not all of them will be, but our guess is that a majority will. Many of those will be identity theft claims where a threat actor filed a claim on someone else’s behalf, using a bank account opened in that person’s name a day before the claim was filed. For people not paying attention, the bad guy will remove the money from the account before the claim and the bank account are found to be fraudulent.

Focus on Tech is part of the Focus on Business TV show. The segment shared above features Jeff Dettloff. Focus on Business is presented by WLNS Channel 6 and is created in partnership with Inverve Marketing, Inc and the Small Business Association of Michigan.
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