Is Your Amazon Account a Security Risk?

If your Amazon account is only secured by a password, especially if it is a password that you’ve used for other accounts, all the information in your Amazon account could be at risk. With the rise in phishing attacks this holiday season, we recommend setting up 2FA as soon as possible to help protect your account and secure your personal information.

What is 2FA? 

First, what is 2FA anyways? Why would you want to set it up?

2FA stands for “Two-Factor Authentication”. This simply means that instead of using ‘one factor’ – your password –  to log into a website or account, you need to use ‘two factors’ to successfully log in. This additional factor could be a code texted to your phone, a fingerprint, or a code in a specialized authentication app, such as Google Authenticator. Adding a second step to your login process adds protection to your account and makes it much more difficult for your personal information and privacy to be compromised.

To get some practice setting up 2FA – let’s walk through setting up 2FA on a very common account: Amazon.

How to turn on 2FA (Two-Step Verification) on your Amazon account:

1. Log into your Amazon Account by selecting the drop down next to the search bar.

2. Click the “Login & Security” button

3. Click “Edit” on the “Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings” option

4. Click “Get Started”

5. You can select to use your phone number or to use an Authenticator App – in this tutorial – we are going to show you to set up your phone number, but if you feel comfortable using an app for this we highly recommend it as it is the more secure option.

Enter your phone number and then click “continue”.

6. Enter the code you receive by text in the “Enter OTP” field, then click “continue”.

7. Amazon has 2 important things to know if you use one of their older devices – see if these apply to you and then click “Got It, Turn on Two-Step Verification.”

You did it!

You have taken a very important step towards being safer online. You have Prepared your account by setting up 2FA. This will help you better Protect your privacy and your data in this account such as billing information. This means that if your password is ever compromised, you will Prevail! Access to your account would not be granted and you will be notified of the attempt and have time to change your password before any damage can be done to your private information.

If you would like to see how these types of practices can benefit your organization – contact our Defeat The Breach Coalition today!

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