Top Michigan IT, legal and PR firms unveil “Defeat the Breach” cybersecurity preparedness, response effort

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Just in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Coalition will provide free resources, assistance to prevent and respond to company data breaches, improve cybersecurity

LANSING, Mich. – With 12 billion records compromised nationally by data breaches last year alone, three longstanding Michigan companies are launching a new resource – Defeat the Breach – to help companies and organizations across all industries prevent, respond and recover from cybersecurity incidents. Lansing-based information technology firm Providence Consulting, law firm Fraser Trebilcock, and public relations counselor Truscott Rossman announced the unique coalition today to kick off October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Defeat the Breach is designed to help leverage the three firms’ respective expertise, helping other Michigan organizations thwart, prepare for, respond to and remediate any security incident, big or small.

Ransomware, malware, phishing and other attacks are increasing rapidly and affecting small businesses every 40 seconds. Because of that, it’s more vital than ever that organizations are focused on cybersecurity. In fact, the average cost of a security breach ranges from just under $35,000 for small businesses to over $1 million for large businesses, according to a recent readiness survey and report.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in cybersecurity incidents that are crippling and costly to organizations of all sizes and types. It became clear that more had to be done, which led to Defeat the Breach,” said Jeff Dettloff, founder and president of Providence Consulting. “Our multidisciplinary experts are here to help safeguard and ensure the resilience of IT systems, and guide, prepare for and respond quickly and effectively if and when an attack occurs. We can expect that future cyber attacks will be disruptive, costly and make us feel angry and violated. We must prepare accordingly.”

Organizations wishing to proactively prepare can receive free templates, tips, news and a cybersecurity risk assessment at ( . The easy-to-complete assessment will identify gaps that need attention and help the Coalition’s experts align a plan of action. That plan includes prevention tips and resources, crisis preparation and management, training, information about likely or potential legal concerns, and communications and outreach considerations. Fee-based services will be available as well.

“Cybersecurity simply can’t be taken lightly. Companies of all types and sizes are regularly entrusted with user and client data. All while cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive,” said Michael Senyko, the executive director of Fraser Trebilcock, which counts technology and cybersecurity as part of their firm’s practice. “Adopting and complying with the correct policies and procedures can make a huge difference and reduce the various costs and legal repercussions of a data breach.”

“Cyberattacks are more than just IT problems, they can shatter customer confidence and cause irreparable harm to a company’s hard-fought and earned reputation,” said, John Truscott, CEO of the statewide strategic communications firm Truscott Rossman. “That’s why we’re honored to embark upon this project. Defeat the Breach partners are here to help companies with know-how, resources and collaboration needed to help prevent and overcome security incidents so that they can thrive and grow.”

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