Feed Back with Feedback

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Here at Providence, we have been so overwhelmed with the great support we have received with our Feed Back with Feedback campaign! Last month, thanks to you, we were able to sponsor Dinner in the Park for the Homeless Angels and help those in need in the Lansing community! Providence is also currently gathering donation items. If you or your office has items they would like to gather &/or donate, the next time our Tech visits, they will be happy to pick up the items!

As a reminder, for each submission of feedback we receive on our support tickets, Providence will donate $5.00 to Homeless Angels.

Feedback allows us to gauge how we are doing with response times, friendliness, and overall experience. Why is this important to us? Simple – you are important to us. We want to make sure you are satisfied with the level of care and expertise you deserve.

With your next support ticket, give us a rating! Take comfort in knowing that you are giving back to the community by helping those in need, and you are helping us make your experience with Providence better.

Thank you for helping us serve you AND our local community!

Your Providence Support Team

How to participate in Feed Back with Feedback

  1. On your completed helpdesk support ticket, click on the icon that best represents your experience. Can’t see the icons? Right click to download images.
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  2. That’s it! You’ve provided Providence with valuable feedback and donated $5.00 to Homeless Angels.

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