Together, we are making a difference!

Providence’s Feed back with Feedback has made an impact in the Lansing community in such a positive way already! Thanks to your participation, Providence has helped provide shelter for 13 people and 39 meals so far in September! We are incredibly honored to have partnered with Homeless Angels to help our local community and see the difference we can make together!

With your next support ticket, give us a rating! Take comfort in knowing that you are giving back by helping those in need, and you are helping us make your experience with Providence better. Each submission of feedback will donate $5.00 to Homeless Angels.

Think your business or organization could also benefit from feedback? Ask us today how Providence can help you implement a feedback system! You too, could participate in your own feedback campaign and give back to a charity of your choice!

Thank you for helping us serve you AND our local community!

Your Providence Support Team

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