BBB warns of phishing scam targeting Netflix customers

WARNING: Hackers are targeting Netflix Customers with new Phishing email

Here is how the scam works. Hackers send you an email claiming to be from Netflix. The email usually has the Netflix logo in the body of the message. The letter will read:

Dear Customer:

We’re having some trouble with your current billing information. We’ll try again, but in the meantime, you may want to update your payment details.

You will then see a link underneath the message reading “update account now”. When you click on the link it will ask you to type in your username and password.

The email includes several other links but none of them work. It also includes a toll-free phone number for questions. However, looking closely you’ll notice that the number only has nine digits instead of ten.

What do you do if you get something like this in your inbox? If you receive this email or any email asking for to click on a link and provide information – STOP! This is a HUGE RED FLAG. Close the email and go directly to the company’s website. Find the customer service number and ask if there is something wrong with your account. NEVER use the phone number that’s given in the message. You can also call the BBB at 314-645-3300 to report the email.

Credit: – St. Louis, May 10, 2017

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