Norse Attack Map

When you have a few minutes and want to watch something intriguing, take a look at this link, and if appropriate, share it with friends: This is a real-time Web Attack map which demonstrates why are we so focused on cyber security. This is not fictional. These automated attacks are occurring 24x7x365. The bad guys are attempting to compromise servers, firewalls, routers, desktops, laptops, and anything that has a IP address. They are looking for software vulnerabilities so that they can get their malware on any device that is susceptible. In addition to these web attacks, we also need to be concerned about phishing emails, drive-by downloads, mobile malware, etc.

This week I delivered two Security Awareness Briefings designed to help others understand the seriousness of today’s cyber threats. Not a single person walked out of those briefings with the same outlook. Our next scheduled event is May 20th at noon. Follow this link for details –

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