IT Security Awareness Training

To be the most effective, IT Security needs to be implemented in layers so that if an attack gets through one layer, another layer will be available to (potentially) block the attack. The more layers, the better the protection. One layer of security is a properly installed and operating Anti-Malware product installed on each device. Other layers include PC patch management, Gateway (firewall) port security, Gateway Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Content Filtering, Geo blocking to prevent Botnet attacks from other parts of the world, and last but not least, IT Security Awareness Training for you and your staff.

IT Security Awareness training is one of the most overlooked ways to stay safe on the Internet. As we approach 2015, Internet threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and increasingly more dangerous. Users need to be ever vigilant, not just from opening spam email that may contain an infected file attachment, but also from visiting legitimate websites that may contain an infected advertisement, and/or social engineering attacks by phone, and/or the ever expanding threats to mobile devices, and/or… the list goes on and on.

We find that users continue to behave in ways that are unsafe, simply because they don’t know any better. The Internet threat landscape is constantly changing. And unless users hear about the latest threats and ways to avoid them, they will make mistakes. To help educate and inform users, Providence has begun scheduled briefings on IT Security Awareness at our newly renovated Technology Briefing Center. The briefings are free, and typically last 45 to 60 minutes. Seating is limited and you must reserve your seat(s) in advance. If you are interested, please phone us at 517-679-3302 for full details, and/or to sign up for the next scheduled briefing.

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