Services Help You Manage Today’s Changing Workplace

The traditional boundaries of the workplace are beginning to disappear. New technologies and devices appear every month that change how, when, and where we work. Business owners and managers that are already working hard to stay on top of their traditional duties can find it nearly impossible to make informed decisions about the best choices for their systems, devices, and employees. How can businesses ensure that their data and systems are secure and regulated while still allowing efficient access for employees?

For many small and medium businesses, having an IT expert on staff can be prohibitively expensive, but their absence is felt deeply within the organization. The absence of expertise in this area can hamper implementation and deployment initiatives. Badly managed environments leave security holes that put your operations and data at risk. Administering the needs of a workforce that is constantly on the move, using new devices and applications and an ever-increasing amount of data and information presents a major resource drain.

Symantec has been a leader in the computer security field for three decades. Their new service is a management platform that helps administer, monitor, and protect business information resources more effectively. More than 11 million end users at more than 55,000 organizations, ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500, use to secure, manage, and deliver information via email, Web, and instant messaging.

At Providence, our TechCare Protection Plan leverages the to provide essential protection while eliminating the need for hardware and software to be managed on-site. With, TechCare shifts the burden and removes complexities that can stand in the way of your success.

TechCare with offers business owners and managers a centralized, hosted approach to security and information management that is expandable as new technologies and devices are introduced. This means a secure computing environment in which it is easy to enforce acceptable use and regulatory policies for PC’s, laptops, and mobile devices, and deliver ongoing access to critical applications and data, all while driving cost efficiencies into the organization.

Providence Consulting is ready to help you learn more about and what it can do for your business. Talk to us today about signing up for a free trial!

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